• Clearly communicate your ESOP’s value
  • Build and maximize employee ownership culture
  • Recruit and retain top talent



Educate employee-owners on how your ESOP will work alongside your 401k and profit-sharing plans to positively impact their retirement savings. Our tool makes it easy to understand how your ESOP generates value.

Culture of Ownership

Display how employee work ethic directly impacts the success of the company and creates personal wealth. This insight cultivates a strong sense of pride and engagement.


Clearly show potential talent the benefits and upside of joining your ESOP company and the rewards of a long-term career.

Simplicity Meets Clarity

Every ESOP is searching for a tool to give employee-owners a clear view of their employee stock ownership plan. Qualified retirement plans, like an ESOP, can be difficult to understand and communicate, which leaves employees feeling frustrated. You shouldn’t have to play a guessing game when it comes to understanding the value of your ESOP.

Our ESOP Calculator allows employee-owners to confidently view and understand how your ESOP impacts their wealth building journey. Request a demo today to see just how easy it is to educate your employee-owners, cultivate a culture of ownership, and recruit top talent.

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ESOP Calculator Features

Individual User Profiles

Each employee-owner will have a profile to view and save their personalized retirement roadmap.

Growth and Tax Reports

Detailed charts provide a clear picture of how each retirement plan you offer will perform. Gain a clear view of the tax implications of each plan.

ESOP Documentation

Share and save all your ESOP documentation. (ESOP Statements, Retirement Goals, Company Notices).

Global Snapshot

Provides senior management with a global view of all employee ESOP holdings.

Communication Hub

One central location for all of your corporate announcements, calendars, and news.

Device Implementation

Coming soon! Access your profile via a convenient smartphone app.

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